It is funny how every season, we seem to go through a renewal of thought, perspective and goals for the coming months. In the Winter, we have the new year, so this is a time of renewal. I like to spend lots of time cleaning and purging the things in my house that no longer serve me so I can go outside when the weather is nicer. In the Spring, it is all about getting the outside cleaned up and getting planting done, so that in the summer I can go out to play. In the summer my goal is to spend as many waking hours outside enjoying the nice weather, the pool and the company of friends and family.  Now that September has arrived, once again, there is a spurt of cleaning (since I was outside all summer) and then projects for the coming holiday seasons, Halloween and Christmas.

One of the dictionary meanings of perspectives is: 

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. 
Synonyms: outlookviewviewpointpoint of viewPOVstandpointpositionstandstanceangleslantattitude, frame of mind, frame of referenceapproach, way of looking, interpretation
Our perspectives change according to what is happening in our lives as well. Putting yourself in a frame of mind that gives you peace is not always easy. Even if you take just a couple minutes a day to go to this place where nothing else matters..where it is all about you and your inner peace,  it will help to make your life much more bearable.
For myself my personal focus has been weight loss and being the healthiest version of me I can be.  As the seasons have changed and my weight has decreased, my perspectives have changed as well.

In the summer, there were many parties, and my perspective as to stay as true to myself as possible while still having fun. I love to party, I love party food and I love the people I party with so my thoughts on weight loss were still there and I had my goals but I still made sure I had a lot of fun along the way.  I didn’t get to where I thought I would be but am very happy with where I am now.
Now that September is here, my perspective has changed again. In the summer, the focus was more on just maintaining and losing a bit of  weight and now that September is here, my focus has changed to my health and strengthening my core. I want to be strong enough to look like I can kick butt. 😉   So now my perspective has changed again. I am not so much focused on my weight, but on my strength. So now I am establishing workouts that will enable me to be strong and have endurance and stretch and tone my body.
Eating for health, core workouts, body weight workouts and yoga classes are part of this new perspective.. this focus for the fall season. I may not lose a lot of weight in the next few weeks but I should gain strength and agility and better balance during this period of time. I love to challenge myself in new ways so this will be a fun experiment to see how far I go, how much I am capable of doing. I will keep you posted. My birthday is coming up in October so my goal is to be in pretty awesome shape by that time. Although I would love to have my last 10 pounds off and be at my goal weight by my birthday, if it takes another month, then that is fine. It will happen when it is supposed to happen. In the meantime I am going to just work on being the best me I can be. <3
How does your perspective or focus change in the Fall? Does it make you feel energized, do you set new goals, how does your focus change?